What’s Next on Google Workspace

One of the most significant features of Google Workspace is that you never have to update any applications manually. However, users should still be up to date with upcoming changes that can impact their workflow. Although most upgrades are minuscule and often undetectable, significant changes are on their way to Google Workspace.

Mail + Chat + Rooms + Meet in one

The new Gmail interface will no longer be strictly for your emails. Gmail is where most people start their day and go to connect with others and attend meetings. This new and improved Gmail interface will include four tabs that foster better communication among team members.

What is a Room

Google Room is a feature in Hangouts that will allow users to create topic-specific groups and share information and files within it. A Room is an updated version of Google Groups, a message group chat, or a Slack channel.

Upgrades coming to Meet

Google Meet already comes in a bundle of security features that prevent so-called video conference “bombing” and various other tools that enhance the experience with Meet.

One of the newest features is the “knocking” function. Users that are kicked out of a Google Meet would have to “knock” and request to enter a meeting again. An additional safety lock will also prevent uninvited individuals from trying to access the meeting. Authorized individuals will still have easy access.

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