Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

The way we connect with our workforce has evolved rapidly over the last 12 months, making virtual team building a necessity. Remember when you could look up at the clock and read 4:45pm, turn to your coworker, tap him on the shoulder and ask “Hey Jim, wanna catch happy hour with the sales team after this?” Or when you organized your first virtual happy hour, and Zoom burnout was a thing of the future? Our attention spans are changing, our team building should too.

Virtual happy hour is great for new teams, and can be adapted to engage experienced ones, and virtual lunch and learns are great for soft and hard skills building, but a gap remains unfilled by these events alone. Virtual team building bridges that gap and will play an important role in building culture and elevating problem solving skills within your remote team.

Virtual Team Building Ideas

There are many ways to conduct virtual team building activities, with a computer and some creativity the possibilities are endless. As with many virtual events, there are plenty of built out solutions ready for your consumption, making team building as simple as possible. Companies like offer dozens of options to optimize your experience based on your remote team’s individual needs. Events ranging from Virtual Murder Mystery to Story Telling Workshops all lasting around 90 minutes and accommodating groups of 300+, companies like are perfect for a corporate team.

Another company to check out is Puzzle Break. Remember the days when escape rooms were the go to team building activity for corporate events? Well, Puzzle Break offers the 2020 version, virtual escape rooms for unlimited players anywhere. There are hundreds of events and companies like and Puzzle Break, that provide virtual team building solutions to fit any team’s needs.

For teams running on a smaller budget, we didn’t forget about you! There are plenty of ways to make the most of your virtual team building events at little to no cost. One way to spice up your virtual events is to host a “virtual House Hunters Tour” or “MTV Cribs”. An event like this works best with smaller teams, each member (or those who would like to share) show off their homes or workspaces in a realtor-esque fashion. This activity is a highly personal one, but it allows coworkers to connect with each other in ways that would otherwise never happen. As with all virtual events, it is important to remember your employees preferences and personalities, if your team is just getting to know one another this may not be the event for you.

For newer teams, a great intro to virtual team building is a team member trivia game. Depending on the size of your team, each member will send between 1-3 interesting facts about themselves that they think no one will know to an elected team leader. The event will follow the style of a typical trivia game, reminiscent of icebreaker activities, and each member will guess who the fact belongs to. The great thing about team member trivia is that the event can evolve with you! Each week as members get more comfortable and learn more about one another, the interesting facts can get more personal or more obscure. This is a great way to get your employees involved in work culture and excited about working together.

For teams with varying schedules or time zones, try the ‘fake podcast’! To do this each team member acts as their own podcast host, a team leader can choose a topic for the week and members will show off their hosting talents. For this activity remember to introduce yourself with your role in the company and a little bit about what you do day to day. Share everyone’s podcasts at the end of the week or month in a newsletter-like fashion and see what your team members have to say! This virtual team building event allows coworkers to understand how one another thinks about a variety of topics and see where their thoughts and roles interact in the workplace.

Having a tight knit team that works well together is an indispensable asset to a business. There are many different ways to cultivate a company culture while working remotely, virtual water-cooler culture, virtual happy hours, and of course virtual team building. While we may be physically distant from each other, we can work to be closer as a team. For more information and instruction on how to host a virtual team building event visit us at VForce today!