Where to Start: Tackling Social Media as a New Business

Are you overwhelmed with tackling social media as a new business? Social media has grown, perished, and evolved immensely since its inception in 1997. The social media landscape changes every day with new platforms and new best practices. As a new business, this makes it hard to keep up. Staying on top of media trends is a job in itself, but with a few tips and frameworks to follow, your digital presence can evolve with you.  

Tackling Social Media as a New Business: Your Persona

Before beginning your social media journey it is important to set your intentions. Many young businesses make the mistake of rushing their messaging to the world before developing an understanding of their brand. This often leaves them with confused customers or the attention of a market segment that they have no interest in pursuing. Be sure that you have a firm grip on who your business is, and who you want to be. Social media gives your company a voice, allowing you to communicate with your target audience, allowing you to hone in on your company’s voice and make sure that it’s cohesive across all platforms.

Tackling Social Media as a New Business: Brand Guide

One way to do this is to create a brand guide. A brand guide is an internal document outlining your company’s personality. This includes a mission statement, brand voice, social media tone, message types, media channels, and a profile of your target audience. Having a brand guide will allow you to transition seamlessly into new social media channels and will help you understand how consumers will view your brand. Ask yourself “If my company were a person, who would that be?” and create a guide around that person. Using that information, you are ready to tackle your company’s social media journey through its brand personality.

Tackling Social Media as a New Business: Target Audience

Now that you have an idea of who your brand is, it’s time to find your target audience. With over 100 social media channels in existence today, finding which ones to focus on can be daunting. Start by understanding your audience and your social media goals. To find your target audience, start by asking yourself a few questions:
  • What would my “brand persona’s” demographic most likely be? 
  • Who would they hang out with?
  • What are their aspirations?
  • How do they spend their time?
  • What are their interests?
  • What are their pain points?
These questions will help you understand what type of person is likely to be interested in engaging with your business. With social media, quality over quantity is key. Make sure you are focused on an audience that will actively engage with your content, rather than one that will ghost follow your accounts.

Tackling Social Media as a New Business: Channels

Deciding which social media channels to focus on is largely dependent on your audience. New businesses can fall trap to engaging in too many platforms too quickly. It is important that you find the channel that best suits your target audience and invest time building a presence there. With that in mind, there are two platforms that should be in every business’ repertoire: Linkedin and Twitter. LinkedIn will provide your business with content ideas, credibility, access to talent, and a formal setting for media. Twitter on the other hand, will be a great channel to express your company voice and optimize each character for frequent brief consumer interactions. 

No matter the social media platform you choose, make sure you provide quality content and engage regularly with followers. With that you are ready to get started on your social media marketing journey. At VForce, we are here to help your remote team every step of the way. Click here to view more of our sales and marketing resources.