Remote Hiring: Best Practices

What is the best way to go about the remote hiring process? Nearly everything about a business comes from its people. To acknowledge the success of a company, you must understand the importance of the employees behind the results. This makes finding and hiring the right employees one of the most critical factors of your operations. Whether you’re building your start-up, filling an empty position, or expanding your company, the following tips will help you hire the best team for your remote workforce.

Invest Time in the Remote Hiring Process

At first glance, the remote hiring process may seem lengthy and daunting. However, the costs of a high turnover rate prove that taking time to hire the best people is worth it. Finding the right employees for your company takes time. Recruiting, screening, interviewing, and training all require valuable resources. Investing in the hiring process allows you to find the best fit employees. The employee will likely feel the fit too, and want to stay at your company longer. This reduces the amount of time and money you must spend if you were consistently replacing workers. A lower turnover rate also benefits the company culture. As your employees work together longer, they will likely develop more chemistry and become more comfortable. This cohesiveness can translate into better collaboration and enhanced performance across the board. Comfortable, happy, supported employees are more engaged and better productive in your workforce.

Remote Hiring: Where to Start

It’s clear that this process is crucial, so where do you begin? You will need to plan out how you intend to conduct the hiring process. To offer all candidates a fair opportunity, this plan should be documented and standardized. You may decide to initially screen applications for specific skill sets, interview for certain characteristics, provide a test assignment, and then offer a final round of interviews for those most qualified. Some positions may require a more in-depth search than others. Regardless, having this process documented will allow you to remain objective and communicate the process to candidates. Once you have a plan, identify the open position. List out the job description including details such as the title, main responsibilities, education/skill requirements, and any other pertinent information for the position. Job posting sites such as Indeed or others, and social media can be extremely helpful in outlining and advertising descriptions.

The Importance of Culture

Of course, the skills and competencies will be critical in determining who to hire. However, you must also consider how a candidate will fit into your company’s culture. Your culture can define the overall work environment and contribute to every aspect of your operations. In the beginning of the hiring process, you should articulate a concrete definition of your culture. This may relate to your mission, vision, or core values. You should be able to describe it with a few descriptive words or phrases. Then, consider the types of attributes in an employee that are necessary to be successful in such a culture. As you progress through the remote hiring process, keep these traits in mind. Screen candidates for cues that they reveal their culture fit. The virtual interviewing process can make this more difficult, so be sure to include questions that may provide you insights towards their personality and work ethic. The ideal candidate will possess both the necessary skills and attributes of your culture.

Deciding on the Best Fit

Once you have your choices narrowed down, it can be beneficial to have multiple interviewers in the final round of interviews. This way, multiple leaders from your organization can provide input. The decision should ultimately remain objective and the decision process should be documented. If any candidates have questions about the final decision or request feedback, you can reference the documentation as needed. The hiring process can be complicated, especially in the remote workforce. That’s why VForce provides solutions for all of your virtual workforce needs. For a more in-depth look at hiring, download our A-Z Guide for remote hiring here check out our additional resources here, or contact us for a free consultation.