Microsoft Word: Helpful Features For Remote Work

As the word processing component of the world’s most popular office suite, Microsoft Word is the de facto writing tool for a significant percentage of the world’s businesses. Although it is also commonly used for personal use and schoolwork, most of Word’s functionality is targeted towards businesses. It’s well-integrated with other Microsoft Office products, including Excel and Outlook.

Remote work often involves collaborating with a large number of people who aren’t in the same room at the same time. This is where the latest versions of Microsoft 365 programs like Word shine: you can edit the same document at the same time without emailing it back and forth or dealing with version conflicts. Combined with OneDrive cloud storage, employees are also able to edit their documents from any device. This is a huge productivity boost for people working from home. 

Documents stored in OneDrive still show up in File Explorer on Windows and Finder on macOS, just like documents stored on the local hard drive. Combined with the easy-to-use integration with Word itself, storing documents in the cloud is so easy that employees might not even notice they’re using it. 

Although other office suites pioneered real-time collaboration, Microsoft Word still has the best support for complex documents. Features like mail merges, which let you automatically generate variations of a letter or envelope with different information sourced from an Excel spreadsheet, are most powerfully integrated into Microsoft Office applications. Plus, since most businesses have complex documents created many years ago, Word’s great compatibility features make bringing these documents into the modern era trivial. 

Many companies with large remote workforces use Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate with ease. In this environment, the collaboration features included in Word are especially useful. For example, you can talk to coworkers in a Microsoft Teams voice call while simultaneously editing the same Word document. The Planner functionality in Teams makes it easy to coordinate collaborative work on a Word document without leaving the familiar chat interface. 

If you’re using someone else’s computer and you want to make a quick edit to one of your documents, look no further than Microsoft Word’s web-based editing functionality. Although some advanced features are disabled when working from the web version, this is still extremely useful for a variety of situations in which you can’t access your own computer but need to make some quick edits. And with the mobile apps for both iOS and Android, you can perform the same kinds of edits on the go—including real-time collaboration just like on the desktop and web apps. 

All these features and more make Microsoft 365 the best solution for today’s remote-first businesses. From quick edits on old documents to editing collaboratively using Microsoft Teams integration, Word is just the right solution for remote and hybrid teams. 

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