Microsoft Teams Video Chat

Teams is the communication platform for Microsoft’s Microsoft Teams Video Chat 365 suite of applications for both businesses and schools. Microsoft Teams is a powerful application that allows colleagues from the same company to easily chat, host video meetings, and communicate all from one central application.

The Microsoft Teams video conferencing system is extremely easy to use and allows you to collaborate with anyone who has an email address. You can easily share your screen so others can see exactly what you are seeing. You can collaborate in real-time with Office applications increasing the productivity of you and your team. If you’re teaching in the classroom, try out the digital whiteboard feature.

Video calling on Microsoft Teams allows you and your team to meet anytime, anywhere. You can easily meet one on one or with your whole team. Microsoft Teams allow you to easily remove people from the meeting. You can also change who is the presenter during the meeting, allowing multiple people the option to share their screen.

Microsoft Teams allows its users to host live meetings or conferences with up to 10,000 attendees. This is perfect for large company events, webinars and product demonstrations for both people inside and outside your organization. This feature eliminates the need for paying for a separate dedicated webinar software.

While using Teams, you can easily record all of your meetings and sessions in the cloud. This is perfect for sharing with anyone who was unable to make it. Having a recorded meeting also improves productivity in your staff. If they feel that they missed or need to refresh themselves on the topic of a meeting they can simply view the applicable part of the video, without having to bother others to fill them in.

In a video conferencing environment it is sometimes difficult to indicate that you would like to speak. With this in mind, Microsoft created “Raise Your Hand,” a button that indicates that you have something to add. This allows everyone to communicate more effectively without being interrupted or feeling left out.

Another great feature of Teams is live captioning. People that belong to the deaf and hard of hearing community can really struggle with video conferencing. This is especially difficult for someone who heavily relies on reading lips. Reading lips can be a tough task in itself but becomes nearly impossible when a user’s video is only a few inches in size. The live captioning tool automatically puts what is said at a meeting into text, making meetings more accessible for everyone.

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