Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a unique mobile internet service for Microsoft 365 customers. SharePoint acts as a social media site for you and your team, as well as a tool for sharing files, automating business tasks, and customized team sites.

Staying connected with your team is even more important now in the remote working world than ever before. Whether you stay connected through email, or if your organization has multiple communication systems, it remains important. Microsoft SharePoint allows you and your organization to have a multimedia website that can increase your efficiency by sharing common resources and applications. You can also create a personalized stream of relevant news for your organization directly to a SharePoint website.

Microsoft SharePoint is highly configurable, allowing your organization to tailor it directly to your needs. Network administrators can easily enable or disable certain features of the application.

When using SharePoint Enterprise customers unlock even more features. One of the biggest features is business intelligence integration. Business intelligence allows your organization to analyze data through the power of artificial intelligence, ultimately saving manpower. The Enterprise edition also allows you to put together custom search extensions. You can also access Microsoft Office applications directly through SharePoint.

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