Microsoft OneNote

Whether you’re an author, engineer or teacher, everyone can benefit from having a notebook. You can use your notebook to jot down notes or ideas, draw out designs, or just to help keep track of your daily work. As we move towards a more digital world, Microsoft has come up with a Digital Notebook solution, called OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that is available online, on a desktop or laptop, and on a mobile device. It is extremely easy to stay organized while using Microsoft OneNote. OneNote allows you to divide your notes into different sections and tabs and separate your notes depending on your organizational preferences. You can even add tags to your notes to make locating them easier.

You have a wide variety of different ways that you can add notes to your document. You can easily add text, annotations, images, videos, and even interactive checklists. You can use a feature called ink for drawings.The ink tool is especially useful if you are using a touch screen computer, a all-in-one, or a tablet. You can simply use a stylus or your finger to create your desired drawing. You have a range of colors and pen choices to choose from to make them just right.

Collaboration and sharing is seamless when working with Microsoft OneNote. You can use a notebook as a brainstorming area and give everyone on your team access to it, so they can use the space to bounce ideas off each other. You can easily share a notebook with anyone in the world regardless if they have a Microsoft account.

Microsoft OneNote is also a great tool for the education market. Microsoft has created three separate versions for schools, one for teachers, one for students, and one for school leaders.  OneNote for education allows teachers to easily create and organize their lesson plans and more. Students can easily use OneNote for collecting information during a class, and as a way to keep their files organized. You can even set up collaboration spaces for teams to work together on a project.

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