Microsoft OneDrive

In the past ten years, online cloud storage has become much more prevalent. Many businesses have decided to abandon an on-site server for something cloud-based. Cloud-based storage is easy to use and accessible anywhere in the world. Microsoft OneDrive allows its customers to save files onto the cloud and access them from anywhere in the world on any device.

There are many perks of using OneDrive for your business. Hundreds of people everyday fall victim to data loss especially when it’s stored locally on their device. Microsoft OneDrive will automatically back up all of your work to your cloud storage, restoring your peace of mind. When your computer has a failure, you no longer have to stress or pay for costly recovery services.

OneDrive makes sharing files with others simple. You can share files, photos or folders easily with a click of a button. You have two sharing options with Microsoft OneDrive. You can share your files with a link via email or text; because of this, you can say goodbye to large and cumbersome email attachments.

Scanning and emailing attachments can be a very cumbersome task.  In the past, you had to go to your scanner, scan the documents, transfer the files from the flash drive to your computer, and then, finally, upload them to the cloud or email them. Microsoft OneDrive allows you to use your mobile device to upload straight to the cloud. Simply scan documents, receipts, or business cards with your phone to automatically sync them with your OneDrive account.

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