Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is an organizational application that is part of the Microsoft 365 Suite of applications. Microsoft Lists is a great application to help keep you and your employees focused on what tasks need to be done. Microsoft describes Lists as a smart information tracking app. It allows you to work with anyone in the organization, no matter where they are located.

Microsoft Lists is primarily a list-making application that allows you to make lists and share them with anyone. Lists has a plethora of pre-made templates to make list creation easy. Templates come in a wide variety of options to fit the needs of every department in your organization, from HR and payroll, to marketing and everyone in between.

When using Microsoft Lists, you can easily view and work with other lists created within your organization. This feature allows supervisors to create lists for their employees and then keep track of their progress as they complete tasks. You can also create custom reminders to ensure that tasks are completed on time. Lists also gives users the ability to comment on action items to provide feedback.

There are many different viewing options for your lists, allowing you to see your information the way that works best for you. You can view your lists in a gallery, grid, or calendar, or create a custom view. When you create a custom view you can highlight the features that are most important to you by utilizing conditional formatting. There are hundreds of different configurations, meaning that everyone can find and create a layout that works for them.

Another powerful feature of Lists is the ability to create custom productivity applications for your organization. Creating your custom apps is easy, you simply use Lists as your data source and customize your team’s workflow to best suit their needs.

Overall, Microsoft Lists is a great resource for companies to stay organized. Lists is included with both Business and Enterprise plans for Microsoft 365. VForce is here to help your remote company every step of the way. Our experts will work with you on your Microsoft needs. Click here to schedule a free consultation!