Microsoft Business Voice

Microsoft Teams is one of the most versatile programs Microsoft offers. Microsoft Teams has many features that can help you and your company maximize efficiency. You can now utilize voice calling through Microsoft Teams using Microsoft 365 Business Voice, a phone system specially designed to work with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Business Voice is an add on feature, priced on a monthly basis, that can add an incredible amount of value to your team. This system is aimed at businesses that are currently using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones. Business Voice is a great option because it has all of the same features of a VOIP and more.

There are two main ways you can set up Microsoft Voice, using either Microsoft Direct Routing or a Microsoft Calling Plan. Microsoft Direct Routing allows businesses to use their preexisting numbers with Microsoft Team’s phone system. Just like your existing phone system, you can still set up extensions. Check out this link to view all of the amazing features that Microsoft Voice includes.

Microsoft offers certified Microsoft Teams devices. These devices are optimized for use with Microsoft Teams as well the other Microsoft applications. They have everything you need to help you and your team succeed, from headsets, to web cameras and everything in between. One of the most unique products is Teams Displays. Teams Displays are desktop phones that allow you to video conference and call your team.

VForce is here to assist you with deciding which Microsoft voice solution is right for your organization, and, after you’ve decided, implementing your chosen solution.