Level Up Your Business with Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are used to measure someone’s behavioral capacities, personality traits, and mental abilities. Since many important skills and traits are difficult to assess from a conversation alone, these cognitive and personality tests provide a logical method to discover information about a person. Psychometric testing can be useful in many different areas, though it is most commonly used by companies during the hiring process to assess a candidate’s fit for a particular role. At VForce, we utilize psychometric tests backed by leading clinical psychologists to elevate your hiring process and supplement our leadership development and veteran training curriculums.

What Can Psychometric Tests Tell You?

Psychometric tests can measure a variety of qualities, including intelligence and personality traits. The most commonly used assessments are personality profiles, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, and situational judgement. Personality tests can suggest whether an individual lines up with what a company is looking for in a candidate, as well as give insights about a person’s preferences and tendencies, like how they are likely to react in a team or leadership setting.

Psychometric Tests for Hiring

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, only 18% of companies are utilizing psychometric testing, most commonly for the recruitment and hiring process. Used to indicate someone’s character and abilities, these tests can help employers ensure a candidate will fit a certain role and its associated working environment. Psychometric test results provide clear, objective information so you can go beyond the standard interview conversation to assess a candidate’s skills, strengths, weaknesses, working style, and fit. For example, if you were using psychometric tests to narrow down prospective candidates for a position that required someone to work closely on a team, you would pay extra attention to their interpersonal skills and tendencies.

Implementing the use of psychometric tests into your company’s hiring process can save both time and money. The tests can be taken online, are typically very simple to administer and score, and can be given to a group of people at once. According to the Harvard Business Review, skillfully use of cognitive and personality tests helps companies avoid hiring and managerial mishaps, which are estimated to cost a company at least one year’s salary.

Psychometric Tests for Leadership Development

The need for leadership development has never been more urgent–only 13% of executives are confident that their organization has the right leadership to deliver on strategic priorities. In 2021, companies of all types are realizing that to survive in today’s complex and uncertain business landscape, they need new leadership skills and organizational capabilities.

Rather than evaluating your leaders based on task performance or connections, psychometric assessments can tell you who has the necessary skills, competencies and characteristics to be a great leader. The character insights gained from psychometric tests can help leaders achieve their greatest potential by enhancing their leadership style and deepening their sense of self-awareness and understanding of others in the workplace. As Gerald Chertavian famously said, “The saying in business is that, ‘You hire for skills and you fire for behavior.’ And one would argue that in order to move up in a career, that’s linked more to the attitudes and behaviors that you carry, rather than what you know technically about a given subject.”

VForce’s data-driven leadership development process uses psychometric testing to identify who you are as a leader, what your leadership style is, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how we can develop you into the most effective leader you can be. Our unique, customized leadership assessment dives deep into leadership styles, managerial competencies, verbal deductive reasoning skills, and company culture.

There are tremendous advantages to utilizing psychometric testing in your organization, for both leadership development and the hiring process. Sign up for a complimentary consultation with VForce’s team of experts today to see how we can help you level up your business.