The Flavors of HR Software

Managing your Human Resources functions in a small business can get quite complicated without HR software. The compliances, policies, and paperwork are not always the most glamorous aspects of running a company. However, they are necessary to keep your business running smoothly (and avoid legal penalties). HR also extends far beyond paperwork, as it encompasses everything related to managing your employees. However, small business owners are not always fully equipped to manage their HR functions on top of their normal business operations.

Luckily, virtual HR softwares can help companies handle functions from hiring, payroll, policies, and virtually everything in between. With sites offering so many different services, you can select the best fit for your specific needs.

Virtual HR Software: What can it do for you?

Do you struggle with keeping track of your employees and their important information? Are your business practices compliant with legal regulations? Is managing your employee’s time taking up too much of your time?

If your company does not yet have an HR specialist, or you are growing quickly, a virtual HR software can make running your business much easier. Using an HR site can help you manage these tedious and complicated functions so you can get back to focusing on your operations.

In the age of technology, it only makes sense to automate and streamline your HR processes into a convenient online platform. Each site has something different to offer, and varies in price accordingly. From hiring, onboarding, training, policy creation, payroll, insurance, and more, there’s a program for nearly everything. Most even offer a free demo or trial, so you can get to know the site better before deciding.

Here are some of our favorites:

the flavors of hr software:bambee


Bambee gives you an HR manager to craft and customize HR policies and compliance. Your HR manager will also help with compliant onboarding, compensations, and terminations, while providing employee coaching and guidance.

flavors of hr software: gusto


Gusto is a more comprehensive site with extensive offerings. Start your new hires off right with customized onboarding checklists. The onboarding tasks can all be completed through the platform, including digital signing and filing forms. Track your team’s time, and sync it to your payroll software (integrates with Quickbooks, Trainual, TSheets, and more). The main advantage is Gusto Cashout, which allows your employees to be paid before payday if they need extra cash. Gusto also offers insurance, employee finance tools, and certified HR experts to help along the way.

flavors of virtual hr software: trainual


Trainual focuses on all things training, with onboarding, training, processes, and SOPs all rolled into one. Trainual streamlines all pertinent company information so employees can easily search and access everything they need to know. You can also create custom tests to track employee progress as they learn.

flavors of virtual hr software: bamboo hr

Bamboo HR

BambooHR helps manage full life-cycle recruiting, including recruiting and hiring software. An applicant tracking system is also built in, so you can easily manage your recruits and effectively hire the right candidates. Onboarding is just as simple, with electronic signatures for the important paperwork. Employees are able to track their vacation time with a time-off calculator, and they can even request PTO all in one platform. A comprehensive employee database software, Bamboo HR also integrates well with third-party softwares.

Virtual HR software can be a great tool for small businesses. Whether you just need a central database for your employee information, or you want extensive services from hiring, onboarding, training, and payroll, these sites can help fill the gaps in your business. With varying price ranges, virtual HR software is also cost-effective and customizable to your needs. Check out these sites to save you time and worry, so you can get back to focusing on your operations.

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