How to Disconnect From Work This Holiday Season

When working from home, it’s tough enough to disconnect outside of working hours, but with the peak of the holiday season fast approaching, disconnecting can seem nearly impossible. That’s why we have compiled a list of tips to help you disconnect this holiday season so you can come back refreshed and engaged when it’s time to get back to work!

  1. Work Ahead – The last thing you want to be thinking about during the holidays are those last steps of the deliverable due the week you get back to work. If possible, try to tie up loose ends on projects and delegate the remaining work so that you are confident in the completion of your projects while you’re not at work.
  2. Know your Capacity – As much as we would like to completely disconnect from work, for some of us this is not feasible and even more stressful than the alternative. Be realistic with yourself. How much will you be checking emails? How accessible by phone will you be? If you have to check your emails, consider setting aside a specific time each day to do so, that way you won’t be checking throughout the day. Similarly, if you will be accessible by phone, set aside hours with which you are reachable to avoid intrusive phone calls.
  3. Plan Ahead – Make sure that you communicate what days you will not be working to all members of your team to avoid any miscommunication or tasks gone unanswered. Additionally, consider offering emergency use only contact information in the case that aspects of your work would require immediate attention.
  4. Prepare for your Return – Consider planning a course of action for the day(s) you get back to work. What tasks will you start first? Who will be your primary contact for getting up to speed with tasks? We recommend setting aside time in the morning strictly to catch up on emails and communicate with your team before returning to projects.
  5. Disconnect Notifications – With our emails in the palms of our hands and all of our work simply a few clicks away its constantly tempting us to re engage with work. Turning off work related notifications, or filtering urgent notifications will decrease the urge to keep working on your time off. Also make sure to have a clear and concise out of office reply. Depending on the frequency that you receive emails, consider an out of office reply requesting that the sender follow up at a later date, or a simple message notifying the sender of the days you will be out of the office and when you will be back.
  6. Follow Through – Remote work has increased our working hours and blurred the lines between private time and working hours. It is important to give yourself and your employees a break to reconnect with their work and come back refreshed and reenergized for the tasks ahead. Follow through on your out of office plans and trust that your coworkers will handle the tasks presented while you are gone.
Have a safe and relaxing holiday season, from our team to yours!