How Remote Learning is Affecting Your Job Search

“Can you explain your gap in employment starting in March 2020?” 

Many of us have the same answer to this question regardless of the quality of our resume. With U.S. unemployment reaching 14.7% at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, much of the labor force is more than ready to get back to work as closures and restrictions start to relax across the country. Job seekers beginning the search for reemployment, in one of the most competitive environments since the great recession, are asking themselves, “How can I stand out?” The simple answer: remote learning. Look no further, VForce is your go to source for all things remote work. We customize a plan to fit your specific needs and maximize your potential. With experts in Remote Staffing, Remote Team Management, Remote Hiring, and much more, VForce will guide you through all your remote work needs.

Building Your Resume 

In today’s news, remote learning is often associated with the education plan of K-12 and university students. However, working professionals are taking advantage of access to online education at a fraction of the cost. Online course offerings ranging from Mathematics for Machine Learning to Electric Guitar for Beginners can be found on platforms such as Khan Academy, LinkedIn, and Coursera. Each class can bring a new level of depth to your next job interview. Remote learning allows job seekers to gain certificates and specializations within six months of the program start, working at their own pace and at their convenience. Additionally, many universities have brought their in-person course offerings online. Before the rise in remote learning, online course offerings were not comprehensive. Out of necessity, colleges’ entire course registries have now been moved to remote instruction, increasing accessibility for all learners. Courses such as Essentials of Entrepreneurship have also brought along the birth of new businesses. Many new job seekers are moving toward low wage or unpaid internship positions at these newly founded companies in an effort to grow their digital repertoire and build their resume.

The New Job Market

While many newly unemployed candidates search for jobs and complete online courses and certificates to make the “skills and certifications” section of their resumes as attractive as they can, others are going back to school. What does this mean for your job search? Not only can remote learning strengthen your resume, but it also may also decrease your competition. During the 2008 recession, economists found an increase in enrollment in higher education, suggesting that when the job market is weak, interest in higher education increases. Universities have been experiencing the same trend on a bigger scale due to remote learning accessibility amidst the coronavirus outbreak. As universities begin remote learning this fall, they are capable of accommodating additional students and admitting more than they could have under traditional circumstances. So, while part of the workforce is virtually studying for exams, thanks to remote learning, job seekers can be cultivating a more attractive resume and securing the job they have always wanted. 

How to Stand Out: Remote Learning

Remote learning has endless benefits for professionals including convenience, reduced cost, increased course offerings, and decreased competition. While unemployment remains high, job qualifications grow with the evolution of remote learning. VForce evolves every day to serve the needs of all remote workers and businesses. Use our Remote Team Management services to help your business hire and train the new generation of your virtual workforce. Virtual learning does not end with incoming employees; attend our webinars to learn more about keeping your virtual skills sharp and how to transition smoothly into the future of business. Learn from our experts on how to manage your documents and files with the latest on Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Your employees are changing, contact VForce and our experts today to find out how we can help you change with them.