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g- suite-services Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is probably the most popular and widely used family of online applications, even before remote working became prevalent. Its wide range of applications can help you tackle just about anything in the workplace.

Some of the most popular applications are mail, drive, and calendar. They are intuitive applications found across almost all personal and business uses in the United States. There are many applications and functions in Google Workspace that this is the first office productivity purchase for companies of all sizes.

Why Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is the most powerful web-based productivity suite on the internet. When a company purchases Google Workspace, it allows its users to have customized logos, domain names, and near unlimited file storage at a reasonably low cost per user. It provides a seamless experience on all devices that Google has applications on, including iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux platforms. It features a robust security system and 24/7 customer support that can help resolve big or small problems without involving or needing a dedicated IT employee.

In the new world of remote work, Google Workspace is best for collaboration with others. Google Workspace is an entirely web-based bundle that allows users to work on everything from email to documents without changing accounts. The intuitive interface and cloud-based nature also mean that there will be no need to update the software manually; as newer versions of Google Workspace comes out, everything will update automatically.

Google Workspace is not for everyone

Although the increasing popularity of Google Workspace means that most new companies tend to use Google as their default base working platform, Google Workspace might not be right for everyone. There are no desktop applications for Google Workspace while working on a computer; this means users who prefer to work from a desktop application cannot do so. Some third-party software addresses this issue, but there are serious concerns about privacy and security; security experts suggest only using these 3rd party plug-ins for personal use.

The web-based nature also means that Google Workspace isn’t popular with large enterprises with long-established systems. Google Workspace also isn’t a popular choice for companies that need considerable processing power for word processing or spreadsheets. Microsoft Word and Excel still shadows Google Docs and Sheets on that front, but Google is continuously improving its application power and user experience.

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