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Google Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service by Google for Google Workspace users with a US phone number. It provides free phone calls and messaging services for users and makes phone calls internationally for a fee.

Voice generates a virtual phone number based on select area codes for the user to choose.  With Google’s integrated smart features, Google can also identify callers when available or answer the number with an AI to screen phone calls. In the middle of a call, users can also seamless change devices a call is on. You can also record phone calls directly to the web-based app.

The benefit of Google Voice is that it consolidates all paid numbers that a user has into one central, Google-generated phone number. That means that if a user has a separate business, personal, and home number, Google Voice acts as a virtual switchboard for these other services. Users will never miss a phone call just because one device isn’t available at the time. Moreover, Google Voice can also be accessed via Gmail to generate calls or send messages. With an upcoming UI update to Gmail, Voice plays an elevated role in Google Workspace to enhance remote work.

It provides all the functionalities of a cell phone without the added costs for some telephone and messaging services. All of your Google Voice call history and data are backed up on the web and can be accessed via its web portal to make phone calls and text messages. Voice will automatically transcribe voicemails to make filtering through them more manageable.

As a “switchboard” that connects to other phone numbers, Google Voice can control what time or which number calls are forwarded to. You can also choose what device you would like to send them to. With its in-app purchasing function, making cheap international calls is convenient and comes in handy when traveling internationally.

Currently, Voice only works for Google Account holders in the US and Google Workspace users in select markets, where text messaging services may be limited. Due to its VoIP nature, it is not yet a competitor with major phone service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.  It currently lacks an emergency call function but is still an excellent option for a VOIP service with strong multimedia and landline transfer support.

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