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Google Meet, part of Google Workspace, is Google’s solution to live virtual video meetings. While Google Meet is available as part of Google Workspace, the company recently made Meet available to everyone for free amid the heightened demand for teleworking. Google Meet replaces Google Hangouts for video meetings.

With Google Meet, individuals can host video conferences of up to 100 people, even if they are using the free version. Basic features, such as high-quality videos and screen sharing, are available and extremely easy to use.

The unique feature of Google Meet is that no installation is required, unlike some of its competitors. When working from a PC or Mac, Google Meet is enabled directly in the browser. Most competitors require downloading and installing applications to use them. For users without Zoom or Skype pre-installed, joining a video conference may prove tedious and time-consuming. Meet circumvents this challenge by requiring no installation or updates. Furthermore, everything is easily accessible in the cloud.

Comparable Applications to Google Meet:

Zoom: Currently the industry standard when it comes to videoconferencing, Zoom has been at the forefront of leveraging videoconferencing technology that pioneered unique features such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, and whiteboards.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Skype /MS Teams For all your Google Meet questions be sure to reach out to VForce, your remote workforce and Google Workspace experts.

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