Google Meet Integrations

Google Meet and Google Calendar both feature integrations that allow them to be great tools for remote collaboration. Google Calendar is already a popular way for people to plan or schedule meetings.

Google Calendar now has an “Add Video Conferencing” option, which allows a time slot to automatically generate a Google Meet code that activates at the start time. Conversely, on Google Meet’s home page, there is a button that lets you create a Google Calendar/Meet integrated event.

Since Calendar is popular with individuals scheduling meetings with one another, this added functionality skips the necessity of setting up some video conferencing externally. There is also no need to log in to different accounts at the meeting time as everything is under one account and is easily viewable on Google Calendar.

Google Meet can also automatically pull up documents at the start of a meeting because Google Calendar has an attach function. The attach function allows attachments locally or from Google Drive to open automatically and present to your virtual meeting room.  If users are collaborating on the same document or viewing the same presentation, they can easily find the shared document.

Third-party applications, such as Zoom, have available extensions that achieve the same effect when scheduling a video conference. However, there are fewer customization options, and they lack direct integration into other Google Apps such as Drive.

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