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Google Keep is Google’s integrated note-taking application. It is arguably one of the least known secret weapons within the Google Workspace’s productivity power.

Keep is a mostly loose organized note-keeping platform that uses labels and color-coding to file individual notes. The main dashboard will show all the user’s notes in chronological order regardless of the intention behind creating them. However, there are some ways you can leverage Keeps’ functionalities and connectivities to make it an even more robust platform.

Notes in Google Keep comes in 4 different forms. The standard note function works just like a document, where users can write or input  images. Another popular usage is list-style notes, an interactive checklist that can create anything from a shopping list to a to-do list or anything in between. Notes can also be taken as a drawing or as an image. You can also add collaborators, set reminders, or even add attachments to individual notes increasing productivity.

For time-sensitive notes, Keep’s has a reminder function that will notify users when they need it. With the reminders, you can add not only time and date but also the location to the notification. You can even enable Keep notifications within a browser or download the app on a mobile device. A reminder will pop up per the settings on the corresponding note.

For old notes, Google Keep has an archive that stores all of them.  Your most essential notes can easily pin the top of the dashboard for quick access. Pinning your notes helps clean up the dashboard while also making your important notes more prominent.





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