The #1 AI Assistant Notetaker for Remote Teams

Have you ever heard of an AI assistant notetaker? If you’re tired of taking and keeping track of meeting notes, wish you could search through your past meetings to remember a specific conversation, or just missed a meeting and want to catch up, an ai assistant notetaker will make your life easier. is a conversation tracking platform that aims to improve the way your team manages and completes work in virtual meetings. works for people working in a variety of roles including sales, recruiting, and product management. This tool integrates with your calendar and uses AI technology to generate automated meeting notes from your conversations. Along with transcribing and recording your meetings, you can search all of your past meetings for keywords, so you never lose track of anything, and appear organized and on top of your game in front of your clients. integrates with many top web conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others. Your assistant will join your meeting as a participant and transcribe everything that is said, and the transcription will be ready when your meeting ends. You can have the AI assistant send a full transcript of the meeting to anyone you choose, allowing them to click on sections of the transcript to hear that part of the meeting audio. These users can also search the transcript and catch up on an hour long meeting in just five minutes, according to the company. The transcript can also create tasks, next steps, metrics, pricing, and other topics that may be of interest to your team.

Check out features and pricing below to evaluate the software for your team: Assistant Notetaker Features

  • Search: use keywords to search through past calls and meetings
  • Action items: create a list of suggested next steps
  • Activity logging: automatically log activities and notes in your CRM
  • Collaborate: share all relevant parts of calls straight to Slack
  • Integrate: Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Copper, Freshsales, Salesflare
  • Playbooks: build playbooks of best practices for onboarding
  • Coaching: provide personalized feedback
  • Monitor: pull out key insights, can set up modules to automatically pull out parts of calls that are relevant to your sales process
  • Record and transcribe: automatically connects with your calendar and joins all your meetings Assistant Notetaker Pricing

The free plan includes limited settings, allowing you to record your calls and sync your notes with the recording, and 3,000 minutes of team storage. The Pro plan is $10 per user per month billed annually, (or $18 per user per month billed monthly) and allows you to have your meetings transcribed, search your meetings, track topics, download transcripts, 8,000 minutes of team storage, and more. There is also a business plan available for $19 per user per month billed annually, ($29 billed monthly) with enhanced features and unlimited storage.

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