Enhancing Recruitment through Candidate Experience

The rise of social media and automation has transformed the entire recruitment process. High-volume recruiting can now be performed easily online, with automated features that can save time and effort. This sounds great for employers, but how does it affect candidates’ experiences?

Increased automation removes the human interaction in the recruitment process, and allows employers to rely solely on technology. Therefore, when companies fail to intentionally create a positive candidate experience, they may be damaging their brand in the eyes of applicants. 

According to Qualigence Intelligence, 83% of candidates do not receive a notice from employers when a position has been filled. Additionally, employers rely so heavily on automation that 91% do not make any contact beyond an automated acknowledgement of the application receipt. These poor practices leave candidates uncertain and dissatisfied of their experience with the company.

The Importance of a Positive Candidate Experience

When you post a job description on a job board or social media, it is your first point of contact with new candidates and potential customers. You are building awareness of your brand by gaining exposure and communicating your mission and values. The job description is therefore a significant component of your company’s marketing, and you should treat it as such.

Additionally, the rise of social media is creating a society where peer-reviews are more critical than ever. According to Glassdoor, 70% of candidates now look at employer reviews before making career decisions. Therefore, the way you treat candidates throughout the recruitment and hiring process can significantly impact your reputation as perceived by both future employees and potential customers.

Even if a candidate is not a fit for the current position, they may be valuable to your organization in the future. You can build this talent pipeline by treating each candidate with the same respect and dignity as a customer.

Building your Brand in the Recruitment Process

Typically, recruitment functions are seen as a separate operation from the rest of a company. However, you should consider how the recruitment process aligns with your comprehensive operations. Ultimately, you should examine your recruitment process from a marketing perspective.

In the same way you market your brand, you should market your company to potential candidates. First, define your employee value proposition (EVP), a simple statement that tells an employee why they would want to work for your company. Your EVP should align with your corporate strategy, and it should be as unique as your organization’s culture and mission. Your EVP will define everything your company does to attract, engage, and reward employees. 

Coordinate with your marketing team when developing your EVP to ensure it is positioned with your overall brand. Collaborate to create communication programs that will make your recruitment more compelling and effective. This can include sample scripts and scenario-based communications that use consistent and uniform messaging. 

How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Once you have candidates engaged in the hiring process, here are some ways your organization can ensure a positive candidate experience.

1. Increase Communication

Reintroduce a human aspect to your virtual hiring process by increasing communication. Each applicant should receive an acknowledgement of application receipt, and some form of a decision. For early candidates who are unqualified, this may be a simple rejection statement. However, as candidates progress into later stages of the hiring process, ensure you provide adequate feedback and rationale for your decisions.

2. Personalize the Process

Candidates want to feel respected and valued during the hiring process. Your communications should always be personally addressed when reaching out. When preparing for interviews, provide each member of the hiring team with a copy of the candidate’s resume. This can allow for personalized questions or small talk customized to an individual’s experiences.

3. Be Timely

 Good talent is hard to come by, so the hiring process should move at a decent pace. Be aware that your candidates will likely be considering offers from other organizations as well.

4. Test the Application Process

Act as a candidate yourself, and run through the online application process. Note how many clicks it takes, how much time it requires, and how difficult the application process is.

5. Ask for Feedback

Create surveys to gauge candidates’ experiences and determine where there is room for improvement. Continuously monitor their experiences, and adjust your recruitment process as necessary.

The virtual recruitment process can be difficult for companies to efficiently manage. VForce is here to help with all of your remote workforce needs, including the recruitment process. Check out our in-depth Remote Hiring Guide, or contact us today for a free consultation.