DocuSign: A Digital Document Solution for Remote Teams

Why DocuSign?

Paperwork is inevitable in any business environment. Now that 42% of the US labor force is working remotely, any and all work-related paperwork is being handled digitally. Efficiency is crucial for teams working remotely, and it can be very time consuming to email, print, sign, fax and scan physical documents. Not to mention the fact that remote employees and customers may not have access to a printer. There is a simple way to avoid this process and save time, while still producing legally-binding documents: use DocuSign

DocuSign transforms how you prepare, sign, and manage documents such as contracts and agreements. They have resources for sales, legal, HR, and procurement teams, but their most basic and essential feature is their electronic signature. DocuSign eSignature takes care of generating, sending, signing, and managing documents. This feature allows you and your team to sign documents quickly and seamlessly from their computer, smartphone, or tablet, and is encrypted to be more secure than a physical signed document. This feature will save you money on supplies and time.

For hiring and onboarding, use DocuSign for offer letters, employee handbooks, and tax forms. Once an HR manager extends a job offer, they can take advantage of DocuSign’s ID Verification for I-9 Onboarding, which allows the new hire to sign their I-9 forms electronically using eSignature, and the HR manager to seamlessly capture and validate the employee’s IDs. If your remote company needs to hire a group of workers at once, you can utilize DocuSign’s Bulk Send feature, which allows you to send one document to multiple people simultaneously.

DocuSign Integrations

To further smooth the process, DocuSign integrates with Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, and others. Simply download an app to sign and send documents straight from Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, or Chrome. By allowing you to sign documents in the same place you create, edit, share, and store them, Docusign will increase your team’s security, privacy and productivity.

Additional features

DocuSign has a seamless tool for generating agreements in Microsoft Word, PDF or DocuSign Agreement Cloud document formats, or directly in Salesforce. This feature allows you to instantly generate documents like non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), quotes, proposals, invoices, and more. 

DocuSign’s contract lifecycle management features allow teams to track where their agreements are in the approval process, making the whole process faster and easier. They also offer contract analytics, where their trusted AI technology will analyze your inbound contracts to  manage risk and boost staff productivity. The AI-based insights from the DocuSign Analyzer can help you gain a better understanding of what you’re being asked to agree to, so you can efficiently negotiate a better agreement.

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