Creating Meetings on Google Meet

A user can easily access Google Meet through their application, a mobile application, or directly through

There are three ways to start or join a Meet session. Users can start a meeting directly with the “start a meeting” button, join a meeting using an existing meeting code, or schedule a meeting on Google Calendar. The Calendar integration feature makes creating meetings easy, especially for internal organization meetings.

If users want to create a meeting instantly, they click “Start a meeting.” A prompt will allow the user to configure the meeting. They can choose to either disable or enable the camera and microphone and choose to do face-to-face meetings or as a presentation. Automatic captions can also be turned on here, especially for meetings where the internet quality might not be best or for hearing impaired audiences. Immediately after these settings, a popup will allow users to invite other people through a link or email, similar to how to share files on Google Drive. The user interface is simple and the process is intuitive.

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