Caveday: Virtual Coworking Sessions for Productive Remote Work

Building a productive work environment and limiting distractions while working from home can be a challenge. When you become distracted, you can quickly lose focus and lack productivity–2018 report by Udemy revealed that 84% of workers take at least 30 minutes to get back on track after a distraction. This can cause you even more stress, as you may not accomplish your goals or meet your deadlines. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to avoid distractions, become more productive, and focus on your work at hand while working remotely. Click here to read VForce’s tips for minimizing distractions and becoming more productive.

What is Caveday?

But what if you already feel like you’ve tried everything to minimize distractions, and you still aren’t making daily progress on your long term goals? Caveday is an online community that aims to help people accomplish their goals with daily structured group work sessions facilitated over Zoom. The “caves” are designed to bring people together to get work done. Attendees log on, put away their phone, turn off all notifications, plan what they want to get done during work “sprints,” and keep their cameras on for accountability. The sprints range from 40-52 minutes, with breaks in between. This concept of focusing on one task for a certain interval and then taking a short break comes from the Pomodoro time management method. Caveday combines the Pomodoro technique with positive peer pressure and accountability to help members stay focused.

Caveday aims to improve members’ relationship to work, emphasizing monotasking over multitasking. Working on one thing at a time will improve the quality of your work and your mental state. Trying to limit the number of times you unlock your phone during work hours is also going to help improve productivity. Apple revealed that on average, users unlock their phone 80 times a day, which is up to 150x more since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Constant distractions will whittle away at your work day, until you’re wondering what you spent all day doing.

Caveday Pricing

Join a cave for $20, or get a Caveday membership for $39.99 per month. Caveday also has a variety of downloadable materials to improve productivity, like planners, worksheets, and checklists.

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