Are You Ready for the New Hybrid Workplace?

There’s no going back to the workplace practices and routines of the pre-COVID era. We watched much of the working world go fully remote in 2020, and dealt with all the challenges that accompanied this drastic transition. In 2021, we have seen the workplace continue to evolve, with the hybrid work model emerging as the way forward. The hybrid workplace will require a system where a large number of office employees rotate in and out of the office, instead of being fully remote or fully in the office.

The Employee-Focused, Hybrid Workplace of the Future

Over the past year, employee experience has come to the forefront, with many employees advocating for remote work, citing reduced commute time and personal flexibility as major benefits. Facilitating the hybrid transition while focusing on the needs of your employees will be a complicated process, with dramatic impacts on your office dynamics and company culture. 

How to Manage the Hybrid Office Transition?

How do you organize and manage the hybrid transition? How can you offer your employees structure and flexibility simultaneously? How do you support and maintain a positive office culture? Answering these questions will be equally critical and challenging for business leaders over the next year. If you aren’t able to smoothly execute a transition to the hybrid working model, you risk losing your top talent and having to spend time and money searching for and onboarding new hires.

Leadership Development for the Future of Work

The need for leadership development has never been more urgent. Companies of all types are realizing that to survive in today’s complex and uncertain environment, they will need new leadership skills and organizational capabilities suited to the current business landscape. Every manager and leader can benefit from coaching, and the results will be seen company-wide.

Our data-driven leadership development process will assess your company’s dynamics, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization at every level. We use proven psychometric testing developed with the help of leading clinical psychologists, using Qualtrics, the #1 leading experience management software. We take your test results and break them down to identify who you are as a leader, what your leadership style is, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how we can develop you into the most effective leader you can be. Our unique, customized leadership assessment will dive deep into leadership styles, managerial competencies, verbal deductive reasoning skills, and company culture. 

Importance of Company Culture

At VForce, we believe that the two most important components of every business are people and culture. Culture represents your identity and values as a company. Building and maintaining a strong positive company culture will infinitely benefit your business and help you retain top talent. Ensuring a positive workplace culture has been proven to boost employee engagement, productivity and performance. 

Once you believe in the importance of company culture for the future of your business, you may decide to perform a culture audit. This process will allow you to evaluate where your culture currently stands, what may be missing, and what you can do to improve. VForce’s team of expert consultants will work with you to discover the true culture of your organization. Our 360 cultural audit will anonymously survey everyone at your company to give you comprehensive insights and data to pinpoint areas where you can improve.


As the first and only comprehensive remote workforce solutions platform, VForce is here to help you thrive throughout the hybrid transition and beyond. We offer an array of cutting-edge resources for culture, leadership development, employee training, and more. Our unique culture and leadership development programs will help you take your skills to the next level. Contact us today for a complimentary 360 cultural audit and consultation.